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This netcast explores the rapidly changing world of biotech, with a penchant towards getting a better understanding of who we are and where we are going. The living world will soon be a true substrate for engineering. Our world will change, and so will we. 
We bring a first hand account from the scientists that are moving us into this new technological era: the era of biotech. 

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    Almost There. 

    Dear Biotech Gang,

    It's been a long haul since our last FiB. My goal this year has been to transition my biotech company, Aeromics, LLC, off of grants toward private sources of capital. It has been a pretty arduous task, but I have the support of many great early investors. They are helping us advance our brain swelling drug to clinic. Brain swelling is a serious complication from stroke and head trauma, which are the 3rd and 4th largest causes of death, and also the largest causes of disability. 

    I have had to focus all my attention on this company transition. Nevertheless, the transision is almost complete, which means: (1) our drug will advance to the clinic, first for the treatement of stroke, and (2) that FiB will resume very soon.

    FiB has been an essential part of my education. Talking directly to the worlds best minds has helped me guide my own project. Hopefully you, the audience, can also benefit from this biotech thinktank. 

    Warm regards,


    Ah hA - Eureka!

    It looks like that we need to produce Standard Definition (Widescreen), otherwise the CPU goes wonky. At standard definition, we should be able to get clean audio, video, and streaming to for live broadcasting. 

    So moving forward, we will do everything in SD format, which will preserve the audio quality. Once I can upgrade my production computer, we can move to HD.

    Thanks for your patience. Next Epidode --> March 4th. 

    *** apologies, work (day job) has required 100% attention — new FiBs soon ***


    FiB96 - Biotech Stories, Pilot Episode


    Hosts: Marc Pelletier, Vincent Racaniello, George Farr, Paul McGuirk, and Jasen Buch.

    We had difficulty with audio clipping. While trying to stream live on, the CPU was taxed over 98%. At about 55 min into the podcast, I canceled the Ustream live  and the audio improved quite a bit.

    Moving forward, we will probably not stream it live until I can get a faster CPU. 

    Thank you for your patience. 




    Today's Papers:

    (1) Antimicrobial Peptide LL-37 Produced by HSV-2-Infected Keratinocytes Enhances HIV Infection of Langerhans Cells.

    Ogawa Y, Kawamura T, Matsuzawa T, Aoki R, Gee P, Yamashita A, Moriishi K, Yamasaki K, Koyanagi Y, Blauvelt A, Shimada S.

    Cell Host Microbe. 2013 Jan 16;13(1):77-86. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2012.12.002. Epub 2013 Jan 16.

    (2) Peptide nanofibrils boost retroviral gene transfer and provide a rapid means for concentrating viruses.

    Yolamanova M, Meier C, Shaytan AK, Vas V, Bertoncini CW, Arnold F, Zirafi O, Usmani SM, Müller JA, Sauter D, Goffinet C, Palesch D, Walther P, Roan NR, Geiger H, Lunov O, Simmet T, Bohne J, Schrezenmeier H, Schwarz K, Ständker L, Forssmann WG, Salvatella X, Khalatur PG, Khokhlov AR, Knowles TP, Weil T, Kirchhoff F, Münch J.

    Nat Nanotechnol. 2013 Feb;8(2):130-6. doi: 10.1038/nnano.2012.248. Epub 2013 Jan 20.

    Liu Y, Du J, Yan M, Lau MY, Hu J, Han H, Yang OO, Liang S, Wei W, Wang H, Li J, Zhu X, Shi L, Chen W, Ji C, Lu Y.

    Nat Nanotechnol. 2013 Feb 17. doi: 10.1038/nnano.2012.264. [Epub ahead of print]

    (4) Protective efficacy of in vitro synthesized, specific mRNA vaccines against influenza A virus infection.

    Petsch B, Schnee M, Vogel AB, Lange E, Hoffmann B, Voss D, Schlake T, Thess A, Kallen KJ, Stitz L, Kramps T.

    Nat Biotechnol. 2012 Dec;30(12):1210-6. doi: 10.1038/nbt.2436. Epub 2012 Nov 25.


    We're Back This Tuesday 4:30/1:30 pm EST/PST!!!

    We have a great panel lined up for a great start on Microbe.TV!
    Please join us here!


    New Theme Music: Will Hall, Composer

    Will has graciously composed a new theme for FiB. I am a huge fan of his music. For more of his work, please visit:

    Will Hall

    Will Hall 2


    Moving to Microbe.TV FEBRUARY 19th 2013!!!

    Hi Folks, 

    Starting on FEBRUARY 19th, 2013, we are moving to Microbe.TV! We will be joining Vincent Racanniello and his team of podcasters from TWiV, TWiM, and TWiP!

    Live broadcasts with world leading scientists will be scheduled for the 1nd and 3th Tuesday of the month, at 4:30 pm Eastern. I have embeded our Ustream channel to the right, so you can view the live broadcast directly from this website. We will also include it on Microbe.TV.

    Video and audio will also posted for download here, on iTunes and Youtube.

    Thanks for your patience in all this, and I hope we can get to the best cutting edge science available today. 


    FiB95: So Long and Thanks for all the FiBs


    Host: Marc Pelletier

    We bring back all the co-hosts, panelists, and subject matter experts for a touchy feeling - warm and fuzzy feel good farewell.

    FiB is moving to: Microbe TV

    Dr. George Farr, VP - Aeromics, LLC
    Mark Griswold, Ph.D.; CWRU
    Jasen Buch; Aeromics, LLC
    Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D.
    Andre Nantel, Ph.D.
    Prof. David Y. Thomas, Ph.D., McGill U.
    Justin Sanchez, Ph.D., Univ. of Miami
    Dave Brodbeck, Ph.D.


    SD Video Large

    SD Video


    Running time: 1:39:50

    FiB 94: Getting DNA Right-s

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Co-Host: Denise Howell

    We navigate the waters of Biotechnology. Gene patents, how do you get them and why are they there? And once you have them, how are you going to finance your company and move forward?

    Guest: Eileen Smith Ewing - Shareholder, GreenbergTraurig, Boston, MA; Chair, Committee on Biotechnology & Chair, Life Sciences Division, American Bar Association

    Running time: 1:07:20

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    SD Video Small


    FiB 93: Snyder's Omics

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Co-Host: Andre Nantel, Ph.D.

    Our guest published a historic paper less than one month ago (available here), describing the first comprehensive  study of an individual, combining genomic (genome sequence), transcriptomic (genes turned on/off), proteomic (the total complement of proteins - or protein profiles), metabolomic (complete metabolic analysis), and autoantibody profiles. The study was conducted over 14 months through healthy and diseased states, over 3 billion measurements on a single individual over 20 time points. This experiment is an important step toward ushering in the era of personalized medicine. 

    Guest: Dr. Michael Snyder

    FiB92: Foldit - Crowd Sourcing God's Work


    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Co-Host: Markus Veolter

    Dr. David Baker explains how the game Foldit uses crowdsourcing to intelligently design artificial proteins never seen before in nature.

    Guest: Dr. David Baker


    FiB 91: 6 PhDs Piled High And Deep

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    In this episode, we talk about the Frontiers of Biotechnology - where the line between science and sci-fi are beginning to blur.

    Guests: George Farr, Ph.D. , Mark Gerstein , David Thomas, Ph.D. Justin Sanchez, Ph.D. and Simon Melov, Ph.D.

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    FiB 90: In-Silico Models of Organ Morphogenesis

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    In this episode of Futures in Biotech, Dr. Celeste Nelson, from Princeton University, explores the fundamental mechanisms of organ morphogenesis.

    Guest: Dr. Celeste Nelson, Ph.D. 

    Guest Host: Andre Nantel, Ph.D. 

    Running time: 1:09:22



    FiB 89: Towards Curing Malaria With Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler


    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler, Ph.D.; Department Head, Department of Cellular Biology, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, San Diego, CA' Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

    In this episode, Dr. Elizabeth Winzeler shares her strategy to tackle malaria, a disease that affects 250-500 million people per year.

    Link to Dr. Winzeler's paper

    More information

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    Futures in Biotech 88: Cogito, Ergo Sum... Multitasking?

    How understanding our mind will shape our futures with Dr. Adam Gazzaley.

    Hosts: Marc Pelletier, Ph.D. and Dave Brodbeck, Ph.D.
    Guest: Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Ph.D.


    Futures in Biotech 87: Anti-Matter Message In A Magnetic Bottle

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    We talk with Professor Jeffrey Hangst of the ALPHA Collaboration about the successful trapping of anti-hydrogen to hopefully answer some of our most important questions about the universe.

    Guest: Prof. Jeffrey Hangst



    Futures in Biotech 86: Biomasses For The Masses

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Changing an Amish farm in Ohio into an energy source solution for modern times. The story of the Griswold family and Altoterra Energy.

    Guests: John Griswold , Matthew J. Griswold, CFA and Mark A. Griswold, Ph.D.

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    Futures in Biotech 85: Modeling Life With The World's Most Powerful Computer System

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Dr. Vijay Pande, Stanford's Director of Folding@home, details how the world's most powerful system models Alzheimer's and other human diseases.

    Guest: Dr. Vijay Pande

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    Futures in Biotech 84: Biotech - Hot in Cleveland

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Baiju Shah, President & CEO of BioEnterprise, explains how to transform a regional economy into a thriving biotechnological innovation center.

    Guest: Baiju Shah, J.D.

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    Futures in Biotech 83: Bioinformatics: Essential Gene names Skewed in a Network of Blame

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Guest: Mark Gerstein

    Dr. Mark Gerstein from Yale University explains the essence of life through network theory.

    Download Audio
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    SLIDES HERE: Biological Network Analysis

    Futures In Biotech 82: Bionic Brain Symbionts: The Next Phage of Human Slurry

    Hosts: Drs. Marc Pelletier, Andre Nantel, and Justin C. Sanchez

    We discuss Justin's work on brain machine symbiotic devices, to identifying the key elements in autoimmune disease, to the race between transcription and translation; it's genetics gone wild.

    Papers discussed:

    1) First cystic fibrosis drug advances towards approval (2011). Nature Biotechnology 29:465-466


    2) A symbiotic brain-machine interface through value-based decision making.

    Mahmoudi B, Sanchez JC.

    PLoS One. 2011 Mar 14;6(3):e14760.

    3) Autoantigen discovery with a synthetic human peptidome.

    Larman HB, Zhao Z, Laserson U, Li MZ, Ciccia A, Gakidis MA, Church GM, Kesari S, Leproust EM, Solimini NL, Elledge SJ.

    Nat Biotechnol. 2011 May 22;29(6):535-41. doi: 10.1038/nbt.1856.

    4) Global quantification of mammalian gene expression control.

    Schwanhäusser B, Busse D, Li N, Dittmar G, Schuchhardt J, Wolf J, Chen W, Selbach M.

    Nature. 2011 May 19;473(7347):337-42.

    Futures in Biotech 81: Worm Research: The Buck Starts Here

    Hosts: Marc Pelletier and Simon Melov

    Guest: Gordon Lithgow, Ph.D., professor at the Buck Institute for Research in Aging

    Dr. Gordon Lithgow bridges the science of protein folding and life extenstion. The paper that we discuss:

    Amyloid-binding compounds maintain protein homeostasis during ageing and extend lifespan.

    Alavez SVantipalli MCZucker DJKlang IMLithgow GJ.

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