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This netcast explores the rapidly changing world of biotech, with a penchant towards getting a better understanding of who we are and where we are going. The living world will soon be a true substrate for engineering. Our world will change, and so will we. 
We bring a first hand account from the scientists that are moving us into this new technological era: the era of biotech. 

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    FiB Episode 029 - From Human Genome Project to Your Genome Project with Dr. George Church (Part II)

    Dr. Church describes both the underlying DNA technologies and societal implications of personal genomics

    Host: Marc Pelletier

    Guest: Dr. George Church, Professor of Genetics and Director of the Center for Computational Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA; Founder & Principle Investigator of The Personal Genome Project

    This episode is a Part II, the first being FiB episode 25. In that episode, we started off talking about Dr. Church's pioneering work on the Human Genome Project, and then got sidetracked with his cool upcoming experiments that will involve looking for DNA/nucleic acids on Mars for NASA.

    Well, I wanted to have him back to discuss two technological revolutions that currently happening in biotech. The first is the personal genome. Why do I call it a revolution, as opposed to an evolutionary technological step? Because it changes how we make medical decisions: from being based on statistics and family histories, to decisions that are based on our true molecular anatomy, our own genome. The second revolution is the new field of synthetic biology: creating tailored organisms, not by simply adding or subtracting a single or a few genes as for GM foods, but redesigning organisms from scratch. Dr. Church has been a key player in both these revolutions - his insights are just about the best out there.

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